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A  bit about me 

Jessica Chanel was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a self taught mixed media artist. J.Chanel started her art journey a decade ago; by drawing portraits and the human form. Suddenly and unwittingly, she was thrust into the chaotic journey of chronic illness.

Her last two years of high school were filled with chronic pain, cyclical vomiting, doctor’s appointments, medical procedures and eventually surgery.  She missed an entire year of high school, as doctors tried to diagnose her condition.

J.Chanel’s drawings and creations carried her through the ordeal. Art became J.Chanel’s “peace” amongst the chaos of being a teenager dealing with eosinophillic gastrointestinal disorders(EGIDs). EGIDs of the stomach and small bowel are a rare, painful, incurable, and unpredictable illness. #IllArtPeace


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